Monday, January 3, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Finale

So, I know I kind of dropped the ball on my 12 Days of Christmas, but at least I didn't drop it with my kids. I thought I would summarize the remaining days that I didn't post though.

On the 7th Day of Christmas I gave them 7 emery boards and a holder to keep their nails neat.

I made this by copying one that I got for a gift from one of my lovely stamp club members.

On the 8th day of Christmas they got 8 sticky note pads with a stand to keep them handy. I made the "stand" out of the back of 4X6 frames that I got at Ikea that we used in my daughter's wedding. We had taken all of the backs off and put pictures on vellum in the frames, so I had all these backs left over and kept them. Voila...I found a use for them! They turned out pretty cute. I just covered them with pretty paper, added a clippy and a note pad, stamped a cute image on the first page of the note pad and got this:
I don't have a picture of Day 9...yes I kind of got way behind and just totally forgot. Anywho, I gave them 9 of their favorite cookies when they need a little sweet treat.

Day 10 was another good one though. I made each of them a mini album (came in a kit actually) and then put a $10 gift card from Target. The card said this:

Unfortunately the trip to New York is the trip that wasn't. We got as far as Houston and because of that nasty snow storm we couldn't make it any further. We stayed a day in Houston and then just had to come home. Our trip to New York was a bust. We were all very disappointed. :(

Day 11 was 11 home made gift tags. I made them to match both kids decor, silver for one and bright green and red for the other. They both loved them. I put them in a cute decorative pail that I got in the dollar bin at Target.

And then the last day was truly a big disappointment. I thought I was being so clever too. I made an I Heart NY poster and put it out by the tree on Christmas morning with the tag below. I guess that didn't work out as our trip didn't work out. But it was the thought that counts right?

So, I'm already thinking about what I can do next year...

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Sassy said...

oh my gosh! i'm so excited to see that you posted the rest of the days! i have really loved these posts! what a wonderful idea, and all the projects are so cute and useful! that's what i love so much, all projects can and will be used!

thanks for the inspiration! :)