Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moving from Winter to Spring.

So, I got a gentle reminder the other day that I have not posted anything in a very long time. I could make all kinds of excuses as to why this has happened but the real reason is I just haven't had that much inspire me lately to create a post about. But, that is about to change! First off, my daughter has turn me on to the coolest new web site idea. It's called Pinterest. You set up an account and then you can create idea boards for whatever you want. I'm still waiting for my invite but I'm super excited about it. I have been saving pictures from the web of all these wonderful things I just love but they are just dumped into a folder in my documents and then forgotten. I can't wait to get my own account and actually organize all these great things that I love. I'll be sure and post my site when I get it. In the meantime, you should go check out others there. There are so many cute and wonderful things there.

Second...Spring has Sprung! I'm so excited too. This winter has taken its toll on me this year. Not that we've had a lot of cold weather or anything but I'm just ready for green and growth and Spring Fashion! I'm going through my closet today to move out those winter sweaters, turtlenecks and bringing in my cute Spring/Summer things.

So, let's do it... When I change out my closets by the season the first thing I do is go through everything I have in my closet right now. I take out everything that I have not worn at least once throughout the entire season. Seriously, if you didn't wear it at least once, chances are you won't ever wear it, right? However, I have learned (the hard way) that sometimes that truth doesn't necessarily work. What I've decided now is if I didn't wear it at least one time but I still like it, I put it in a special pile to save in a box at the back of my "off season" closet. Then, come next Spring, if I didn't go and look for it and wear it again during next Winter, it gets tossed. The rest of the things I didn't wear at least once and I really don't think I'll ever wear it due to the fact that it doesn't fit well, or I just don't like the color, or I don't like the style...out it goes! I give my sisters first dibs on my old clothes and then anything left I take to Goodwill. I get a tax deduction and someone else might love the things that I don't love so much anymore.

Once the Winter clothes are separated and moved out, in come the Spring/Summer things. I do another review of everything. As I already said, when I moved the Spring/Summer things out to make room for the Winter things I did my review then, but my tastes and fashion change over a season. So while I may have loved it last Fall and kept it, I may change my mind by now and I no longer love it. The review really does work. I remove and discard anything that just doesn't work anymore.

The last step is to SURF THE WEB!!!!! Check out what is in fashion this Spring/Summer. Look at high designers and less costly alternatives as well. I pick out the looks I really like, but that would WORK for me. Then, I go back to my closet and decide...what do I have that will work for the new season. Lastly, it's time to decide, what do I need? What pieces do I need to make me happy this season? I'm on a very limited budget this year. We are doing some work on our house this year and...well...I just went on a trip to Chicago with my dear hubby and totally splurged on a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. So, most of my Spring/Summer wardrobe money was spent on a single pair of shoes. Luckily they are THE SHOES for the season so whatever else I need will totally go with the shoes. :) I'm going to take lots of pictures today to illustrate my process and post a new post this week with actual images. However, no post is complete without at least one picture so here are the infamous shoes I got in Chicago. I'm in LUV!!!!! (This picture makes them look a little darker than they do in person, the actual color is called Nude)...aren't they just divine?